Midwest Dental Sleep Center

Excellence In Dental Sleep Medicine

The oral appliance is great! Even if you use the CPAP you should still try an oral device from Midwest Dental Sleep Center.
Henry T ( Chicago, IL )
I love my oral appliance. Easy to work with.
Jimmie S ( Homewood, IL )
Everyone should do this!
Maureen S ( Beverly Shores, IN )
I have slept so much better since I began using the appliance. I'm not sure I could sleep without it.
Tom L ( Chicago, IL )
Well trained and knowledgeable staff. Never thought something so simple could change my life - but it did!
Mila K ( Chicago, IL )
The oral appliance works. I could not use the CPAP, and the oral appliance far exceeded my expectations.
Tom H ( Bartlett, IL )
My oral device is a very helpful tool. I have sleep apnea. I am post menopausal with hot flashes and other symptoms during sleep not to mention snoring. I absolutely cannot tolerate the CPAP equipment around my head and the tube hanging in front of me. My oral device is wonderful!
Freda H ( Tinley Park, IL )
My oral appliance has been a great help in achieving more restful sleep. As I've gotten older aches and little pains have increased. In consequence I like to sleep on my back. With the appliance I can do this. I breathe better and have a more restful, deeper sleep...
Mary H ( Oak Park, IL )
I am happy to say that my appliance has helped me rest more soundly and I feel more refreshed during the day. Glad I saw your ad in the Red Eye.
Myrrick G ( Chicago, IL )
Great staff, great product!
Amit A ( Oak Park, IL )
My wife and I both thank the doctors and staff for their courteous and helpful service and for the success I have achieved using this dental appliance.
Leon A ( Chicago, IL )
This is the best life changing medical device I have ever had. I now know what a normal restful day feels like and I carry my appliance anytime I leave home to sleep overnight. I have also referred others with sleep apnea and this device puts the CPAP to shame, I love it!
Xavier R ( Oak Park, IL )
A very pleasant office experience! Ashley deserves a raise.
Michael F ( Chicago, IL )
Great product, great people - just call to change your life. Smartest thing I ever did.
David E ( Deerfield, IL )
Before coming to the Midwest Dental Sleep Center I was tethered to a CPAP machine to address my severe sleep apnea. The staff at MDSC set me up with an appliance that allows me to sleep with my wife, snoring and CPAP free.
James B ( North Aurora, IL )
When I considered seeking help through the Dental Sleep Center, I was encouraged to hear that using the oral appliance coupled with adherence to an accompanying procedure would offer significant benefits. The staff at the Dental Sleep Center has continued providing guidance and encouragement and use of the oral appliance has resulted in greater benefits than I had expected.
Ronald V ( Westchester, IL )
The oral appliance is great! Completely resolved my sleep apnea and snoring so my wife is thrilled. Great staff – knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!
Bill S ( Chicago, IL )
The treatment I have received has allowed me to have a normal sleep pattern and feel rested and refreshed in the morning.
James R ( Joliet, IL )
The appliance is great – completely changed my life! The folks at MDSC are so knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I would never go anywhere else for treatment.
Gino P ( Chicago, IL )
Oral appliances are great! Couldn’t stand/tolerate CPAP so this is a great alternative. Staff and doctors are well informed and pleasant to interact with.
Laurence N ( Oak Forest, IL )
The staff at Midwest Dental Sleep Center have been great from the first day I walked through the door. Everyone is very knowledgeable and courteous. I was recommended by a co-worker and would gladly tell others to visit as well.
Reginald M ( Chicago, IL )
Thank God for Midwest Dental Sleep Center! My oral appliance completely eliminated my apnea. No more CPAP!
Brendan M ( Chicago, IL )
The staff in the office and the dentist are extremely knowledgeable and thorough and do their best to educate their patients to provide the most effective treatment.
James M ( Chicago, IL )
I have used a dental device to reduce sleep apnea for about one year. Using it nightly, I can now sleep through the night. Before using the device, I would awake at least once a night.
Paul K ( Chicago, IL )
Since wearing my oral appliance my last sleep study showed no sign of sleep apnea. I no longer use or need my C-PAP which is great. Traveling is much easier without carrying a machine.
Cynthia J. ( Chicago )
Wearing the TAP3 has freed me from being chained to the CPAP! I sleep better and find it so much easier to travel with it. The staff has also been wonderful and very knowledgeable. I should have switched to the TAP years ago!
Vincent H. ( Downers Grove )
For anyone who cannot or will not use their CPAP machine, I would urge you to get an appointment at the Midwest Dental Sleep Center for a consultation and fitting for a dental appliance. The process is easy and MDSC takes care of all the paperwork with your health insurance company. Dr. Phillips and the staff in Chicago are friendly, kind and thorough. Any questions can be handled quickly by calling the main number. I'm sleeping better now with my appliance than when I was using the CPAP machine. No hoses, plugs, whirring machines or masks to deal with. Just pop in the upper and lower guards and I'm prepped for a restful sleep. Waiting was not a smart move on my part.
Lee B. ( Chicago )
Works great - no problems simple easy to use - staff well informed – diligent.
Robert A. ( Chicago, IL )
I am very happy with my oral appliance. It is 100% better than the PAP mask I used to use - great for traveling. Thank You.
Anita B. ( Franklin Park, IL )
I love my oral appliance! The professionals at Midwest Dental Sleep Center have made it easy to transition from CPAP, which I no longer use. My device is comfortable and easy to travel with - CPAP was difficult when flying since screeners were poorly trained and didn't know what it was. I wear my device nightly and when napping. Midwest Dental Sleep Center is the best! I wish everyone would try the oral appliance - there would be more rested people in the world. Thanks!
Teresa D. ( Chicago, IL )
I was using the CPAP without any good results. Sometimes I felt like I was choking. It made too much noise. Matter of fact it was louder than my snoring. The thought of being hooked to something electrical that could catch afire didn't set well with me either. Now I sleep with ease all night. With the CPAP, it was noisy until I couldn't hear my dogs bark and if someone was trying to break in my house I wouldn't know it. Now I am aware of my surroundings. If you were married the CPAP put a damper on your sex life and hard to travel with it.
Helen H. ( Chicago, IL )
It is wonderful not having to use the CPAP. Especially when traveling.
Laura H. ( Forest Park, IL )
The oral appliance has caused me to stop snoring completely. I snored very loudly every night, and no longer snore at all.
Scott L. ( Battle Creek, MI )
Your appliance gave me my life back...nicest staff of anywhere I've ever been...I talk about my appliance like a newborn baby.
Jerry M. ( Des Plaines, IL )
I recommend anyone who has sleep apnea to try using an oral device to correct the problem instead of using a CPAP machine. It is easier to use, stays in place and can be taken anywhere.
Alfonso O. ( Carol Stream, IL )
Since getting the oral appliance, I am able to finally sleep though the night. I don't even use my CPAP machine anymore period. I get up feeling refreshed and ready to go instead of being tired and not energetic. I'm glad that I got this appliance and I would recommend it to anyone with sleep apnea. Thank you for working with me and helping me to finally get an uninterrupted night of sleep!
Traci S. ( Gurnee, IL )
Like most people I was very unhappy with CPAP. It was a big stumbling block for me. The oral device has solved all of my sleep apnea and snoring. I had a diagnostic sleep study and it was in the 60s (AHI) then went in for a follow up sleep study it was down to 7.
Leonard S. ( Highland Park, IL )
I can't praise the oral appliance enough. It's the best thing I could have done for my family and my health. I sleep so much better. Thanks to Midwest Dental for coming up with this device.
Edrick S. ( Chicago, IL )
This has made my wife very happy....well pleased.
Albert S. ( St. Charles, IL )
So far I am very happy with device and look forward to a newer one so I have one for home and one for firehouse. It feels good knowing I have plenty of sleepful nights ahead with the device! Thank you.
Robert T. ( Chicago, IL )
I have found the appliance to do exactly as advertised; no snoring or bouts of apnea. It is easy to use and maintain. A wonderful product.
Thomas T. ( Orland Hills, IL )
I started with positional therapy, then CPAP, major surgery and saw progress with both, but it wasn't until I started my appliance that I saw most improvement. I don't think I can live without it, literally!
Craig K. ( Chicago, IL )
As a person who has used CPAP for several years I have to say this experience has made a huge difference for me. Just a few notes: 1) No more struggling at night with a mask and hose. 2) I sleep better all night, where with the CPAP I woke several times. 3) I leave the guard in all night, most nights I took the CPAP off. 4) I am able to get up in the a.m., before I felt tired in the morning. 5) I feel less hungry. 6) I can travel with it. My job requires me to travel and I am happy to leave the CPAP home. I could go on but I'm just so thankful for this experience and hope others have an opportunity to know there are options available for them. Thank you
Susan C. ( Chicago, IL )