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TAP-PAP therapy is the lastest FDA-approved treatment for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Utilyzing a Thorton Adjustable Positioner with a PAP device, TAP-PAP therapy is designed to accomodate patients who are intolerant to the masks, straps and high pressure settings associated with PAP. TAP-PAP therapy may also be indicated for patients whose sleep disorders are not fully treated with Oral Appliance Therapy as stand-alone treatment.

TAP-PAP therapy allows a PAP device to be directly attached to a TAP oral appliance via nasal pillows. Once your TAP oral appliance is in place, and the PAP machine is connected via nasal pillows, the need for chinstraps and headgear is eliminated. Even when rolling over on your side, the nasal pillows are almost impossible to dislodge. This means there is a reduction in mask leakage, and since the oral appliance is already improving air flow, the PAP machine can be set to a lower pressure. Lower pressures, less leakage, and no straps all serve to improve a patient's comfort level with PAP therapy. This, in turn, improves compliance, and overall health.

Our dentists will work with your other doctors to make sure they receive regular updates about your treatment. We also have skilled Registered Polysomnography Technicians (RPSGTs) that are highly skilled professionals, uniquely qualified to assist you with this type of treatment.