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Oral Appliance Therapy

American Academy of Sleep Medicine's Practice Parameters

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, oral appliances are indicated for patients with snoring or mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea who prefer oral appliances to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Oral Appliance are also indicated for severe patients, who have difficulty tolerating, are non-compliant with or refuse CPAP.

Oral Appliance

Narval Snoring Mouthpiece

An oral appliance is a small retainer that fits over your upper and lower teeth (similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouth guard). This device slightly advances the lower jaw moving the base of the tongue forward to open the airway. This improves breathing and reduces or eliminates snoring and sleep apnea.

There are many different types of oral appliances including; pre-fabricated non-custom oral appliances, tongue retaining devices and custom made madibular advancement devices. Midwest Dental Sleep Center provides custom-made mandibular advancement devices that are FDA-approved for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. The appliance is customized for each individual patient by a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.


Midest Dental Sleep Center Dentist

Your first visit to Midwest Dental Sleep Center establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you and your treatment. During your initial consultation, we obtain important background information, review your medical history, and talk with you about how your life is affected by sleep apnea and/or snoring. We then give you time to get to know your sleep dentist and to learn more about our treatment program. The consultation includes a thorough dental examination and x-rays in order to determine whether you're a proper candidate for oral appliance therapy.


Digital Sleep Impressions

Dental Impressions Midwest Dental Sleep Center uses state of the art digital intraoral impression scanning technology to obtain custom impressions of your upper and lower teeth along with a bite registration. These impressions are used to fabricate your custom oral appliance.


Digital Snoring Mouthpiece

Your second visit with us is called a “delivery” appointment, wherein we deliver your new custom oral appliance and check for proper fit. This is one of the most important visits with us. During this appointment, we instruct you on how to wear, titrate, clean and use your custom oral appliance. Until you feel confident, we work with you on how to properly utilize your appliance and to ensure you understand everything you need to know!

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are designed to evaluate the effectiveness and progress of your treatment. We assess the appliance, its fit, form and function and any physical changes in its condition. We also perform an oral exam to determine any changes in bite, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and tooth mobility. We also want to record any changes in your general medical condition, including changes in your signs and symptoms of snoring and/or sleep apnea.